I have this habit that once I need to do something boring, but incredibly important that needs a lot of mind-power in a longer period than couple of days, then I start to search for help to motivate me. Usually I pick a celebrity and find out as much as I can about him/her. Reading their interviews and listening to their music or watching their movies helps me to build a fake fantasy world that is incredibly real at that time. Building this fantasy world with the celebrity in it makes me feel that he/she is rooting for me: “You can do it!” “One more sprint, you are almost there!” “Go, go, go!” Basically this fantasy world makes me believe that everything is possible, I can focus to fulfill the unbelievably boring, but really needed assignment.

2 or 3 weeks ago I went to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and so it happened that luckily or sadly the celebrity I picked out was Chris Evans. About a week now I have been writing my final thesis in my fake world, where he is giving me advice, smiling and rooting for me “You can do it!” From what I could gather he seems to be down to earth guy who just likes to act and is not so fond of spotlight. It was exactly what I needed. His advices kept me grounded and focus on the thesis. And at one point I realized he wasn’t only helping me to keep me focused with my thesis, but he also helped me to look into myself and what I want from my life. I didn’t expect that. I won’t go into details, but I finished my first draft of my thesis and I have set some really frightening goals for myself to do with my life.

I try not to lose track on my goals that I have set now, because I know the fantasy world I have created will go *poof* quite soon. It usually lasts 1-2 weeks anyway and after that I don’t even remember it anymore. So before I forget: I wholeheartedly thank you, Chris Evans. Somehow your low-key presence in media helped me much more than these who are all over in media.