Couple of days ago I found myself discussing with myself on the meaning of “meatball”. When someone calls someone a meatball, what exactly do they mean by it? A person who is delicious outside but inside is not? We can’t say that what we see outside is all that we get, because a meatball consists of a lot of things. Depending on the culture, but my meatballs consist of milk, bread, meat, eggs, pepper, salt, onion… So when calling one a “meatball” then you can’t really say that that person is just a shell, can you?

Do you call meatballs the ones who just don’t cut out for more? You can’t say they are medium rare stakes with amazing wine sauce, you can’t say they are gourmet meat… You just say they are meatballs, because they just aren’t cut out to be a gourmet meat dish… So this means the one who is called a meatball is just an average Joe/Jane?

Who is meatball?