When you are tired and low-on-happy (also called “a bit depressed”), but want to talk with someone, share something, be out there and not alone, what will you do?

For the sake of not being a total black hole you start to borrow someone else’s ideas, thoughts, sentences and words. According to Anthony Robbins all people do is copy others. Which I do agree in one way or another, but what I’m trying to say is when you really are tired and a bit depressed would you go out there to share your own thoughts? What would your thoughts be anyway? Wouldn’t your thoughts be exact or at least similar to the thoughts of depressed people that you have heard of in your real life, in books, in movies or theater? How can you be sure these are then your thoughts when you actually have heard them before you came up with it? How do you know that you really have bad mood when you identify it immediately with something you have seen or heard before? Are you sure it’s not just copying and acting? Is this really you? What is really you?

Am I borrowing someone’s ideas and thoughts right now?