How do people who are being obsessed over handle all of this? Hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of fangirls and –boys. I guess the really young ones and old ones one can handle. For the young you can be as an older brother or sister, a role model.  You won’t take them that serious. The older ones are a bit more tricky. How do you put yourself out there if an older woman or man is being obsessed with you? Creepy? They can’t all be creepy. I guess one would take them (who are not creepy) as a friend or perhaps even a (grand)mother, –father figure? Also them you won’t take very seriously, I mean come-on who takes a grandma or grandpa 100% face value?

Now the ones who are close to one’s age are the most difficult ones. Most of them will scream when they see you, they shout out affectionately “I love you” “Marry me” etc. You can’t help yourself but to think of them as a girlfriend, boyfriend figure, no matter how insane they seem. How does one handle that situation? Thousands, ten thousands of fanwomen or –men just wanting to touch you, speak with you, hug you, kiss you… I can’t imagine what it might feel like. I’m just reaching for the stars here but for the non-experienced the basic instinct might take over – freeze and hide in your shell smiling shyly. Or the more obvious one – run and hide. For the experienced one you will skillfully hide in your shell, flirt with your fanwomen or –men and move on, the next second you don’t remember a thing what just happened because you make it so unimportant for you. You might be afraid to think about what just happened and why they want you so much. No one ever wants someone that much unless they have a problem in their life. It would make you crazy trying to figure out what kinds of problems they might have that made them so obsessed with you.

Why do people obsess over something or someone? It has to be because of the lack in their life. Lack of life or lack of something in their life. No role model? Come on… if you would think that the actor or actress, musician, public figure etc. you are obsessed with is your role model then it can’t be true. A role model helps you advance in life. Helps you take yourself together and keep you pushing yourself until you are one step closer to the ideal you see in your role model. You wouldn’t scream to your role model “I love you!”…

A fantasy is most likely the more obvious reason. A fantasy you can mold yourself. A perfect fantasy where your idol will spot you from the screaming crowd because you screamed the loudest. A perfect fantasy where you, as the quieter one will be tramped over until your idol sees you and rescues you. A perfect fantasy with an idol with a heart of gold, a heart just for you. Fantasy makes one’s life perfect, it’s an escape from the troubles of the real life. A scapegoat. The ones who wait for their idols hours and hours just to see a glimpse of them have been lost in their fantasy. And just for that reason the fantasy will never come true. Don’t get yourself be consumed by your fantasy. It’s efficient to let it carry you on it’s wings in reality, but that is a totally different story in some other time perhaps. … just don’t get yourself consumed by your fantasy and you’ll see your idol a much happier person. A person who just might become your role model.