A comedy about a rookie killer who is hired to kill a popular singer. Includes incredibly weird police and hostel/hotel staff.

I guess I still have to watch a lot of korean comedies to start to enjoy them. Knowing how the storyline comes together in kdramas then I expected it to be the same. Well in a way it was the same, except for one tiny difference. When in kdramas out of 20 episodes you will get the silly male or female lead in the first 2-3 episodes and after that they start to act normal then in this movie you get the silly female lead, silly cops and silly staff most of the time. Which lead me to start to want to skip the movie in about 40 minutes. The korean comedy is so not for me. There was too many “WTF?” and banal scenes. Comedies can be quite classy, but not this one. Oh well I guess I wasn’t the targeted audience. The only enjoyable scene was quite in the end when the action came in. They should have shown the sexy killer more. Yet the star fell for the rookie?! Doesn’t make sense.

…And I really didn’t get the end. Then again I’m not a korean so no wonder I didn’t get it.

Oh well. Seen it, rated it, moving on.