Went to see the movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Kinda sad, the movie had a great potential, nice visuals, 2 great leads (the queen and the Huntsman), dwarves (who doesn’t love dwarves), great ending subtitles (yes. it’s the first time .. or second.. that I really liked the pictures and music behind those actors, producers, screenwriters etc names).


The first 10 minutes was like, okay, let’s see where it leads.. and it lead to nothing. Just “blah- emotion” to be honest.

They started really great. Nice battle with the dark-army. Nice ending of the king. and then it started to go downhill. Snow White in capture was colorless, her escape with the animals was weird, dark forest wasn’t scary at all, it basically was just some hallucination and the only monster they encountered was the one in the end of the dark forest, and hell that dude was basically between the dark forest and the next forest so one can’t really say it was the creature of the dark forest but more like a creature between…

I saw a tiny light at the end of the tunnel when the Huntsman came in the play. He started out with really nice lines like “can’t you see I’m bathing" and something that sounded like “I’ll make up my own mind, thank you very much!” but then that character lost it’s colour also.

It’s obvious the movie had some money behind it, because they managed to do really nice visual effects here and there, but it was all ruined by the lousy screenplay and character development.

In my opinion the movie would have been much better if:

* they would have kept the Huntsman in the whole movie a reluctant yet slowly softening character with nice remarks he had in the beginning of the movie. Instead one got to enjoy the character 10 minutes and after that it was more like “the Huntsman who?” He just lost his colour completely

* they should have played with the dwarves characters. To make them much funnier would have been definitely a good thing. Instead they had a blind dwarf who kinda got on my nerves with his remarks everywhere about how she is the one. And then there was one with sickening puppy love.

* Change the one who played Snow White. The first half of the movie where she ran around the dark forest she looked like a hooker on the loose with dirty hair flying around her face and her shoulders bare almost to the breasts. Funnily the shoulders were bare every second scene. So the first time she ran around the shoulders were covered then the scene changes and the shoulder are bare, then she runs around and the camera switches position and WOLLA the shoulders are covered again and so on. Was this the doing of the oh so horrifying dark forest? Anyway coming back to the character and not the shoulders then there was only two scenes where I really could have sensed Snow White in her character. One was in the Sanctuary with the huge deer-like-god and the other one the end of the movie where she got the crown. Everything else she just didn’t sell it.

* The scenes where they were walking in the hills was too long. They could have gotten from there at least 2 extra scenes with something to keep the audience awake. Instead the audience had to see how they were climbing the mountains, how the Huntsman drank water and how William said sorry to Snow to which she said no problem… yes.. that is the perfect way to keep the audience awake. way to go… zzzzZZZzzzzz…

The only thing I can’t criticize is the queen. Perfect showing of her soft and cruel sides simultaneously. Charlize Theron was a great choice for that character.

Would the movie have been a 3D then maybe, just maybe I would give the movie a 6 out of 10 but right now I’m giving it a 4 out of 10. And my heart aces because of it, since it has Theron and Hemsworth in it who are not to be blamed at all for the lousy movie.