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Went to see The Avengers. Really nice. Every hero had their own really nice entrance, loved how Thor came in and was all about “Me and Loki! Screw Ironman” Sad the lightning had a bit different effect than you would have thought 😛

Anyway I’m a sucker for that huge blond hunk. He’s just… someone I would want by my side. Have to envy Jane Foster.

…but coming back to the movie!

I guess the best role actually was HULK. Played by one of my favorites Mark Ruffalo (I’m sorry to say this, but god, am I happy, that Norton didn’t play the monster. Ruffalo was just perfect for it!). They had so freaking great scenes with him and Ruffalo played them out really good.

Captain America: “And Hulk?”

Hulk looks at Cap with the face of “you givin’ me orders?”

Captain America: “SMASH!”

Hulk grins and off he goes smashing everything on his way.


Loki: “I’m a god! I won’t be bullied by a…”

Hulk grabs Loki and smash smash smash smash, waits a bit and smash smash: “Puny god!”


Although great work from Hulk the Thor-love still kicks in and this is why the best quote of the movie in my opinion was:

Thor: “Loki is my brother!”

Black Widow: “He killed 80 people in two days!”

Thor: “…he’s adopted.”