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BTW. Japan is pretty big country, so you would think that there are a lot of actors also, right? Then why the hell do I see the same actors in different movies/tv-shows together all the time? It’s so damn weird.

For instance. The same movie I watched today. Densha otoko –> Yamada Takayuki plays the main protagonist. Naomi Nishida plays Hermes’s friend. In Byakuyakou Nishida is Yamada’s girlfriend.

Crows Zero II. Yamada plays Serizawa, Ayano Gou is the all-mighty-martial-arts-pro. In Gantz II Yamada is the detective who gets assignments from Ayano the alien.

Crows Zero the main protagonist is Oguri Shun and of course we have Yamada as Serizawa. In Yuusha Yoshihiko to maou no shiro Yamada is the main protagonist and Oguri is the weirdo wizard. And they are playing together also in Arakawa Under the bridge, that I haven’t seen and don’t plan to also. But according to the internet Yamada plays a weird star-headed rockstar and Oguri is the KAPPA!

Crows Zero Yamada as Serizawa and Yabe Kyosuke as Takiya’s yakuza friend. In Yamikin Ushijima-kun Yamada is Ushijima and Yabe his right-hand.

The best are of course when the main protagonists don’t change at all. Just the movie/tv-show changes… Like Byakuyakou and Sekai no chuusin de ai wo sakebu where Yamada and Ayase Haruka are the main protagonists. OR the movie Tegami and tv-show Taiyou no uta where the main protagonists are Yamada and Sawajiri Erika. Seriously, don’t you have any other actors and actresses in Japan? I’m not complaining or anything.. it’s just.. weird.. In other countries you can rarely see the same actors/actresses play together again as main protagonists in another movie/tv-show.

And that is just from Yamada’s perspective. I’m sure if I take for instance Oguri Shun’s movie list and compare his movies and tv-shows the same way I get a lot of actors and actresses he has played together at least twice.

So anyway. Remember I said before I really would like to see from Yamada’s movie list at least 3 more movies/tv-shows: densha otoko, mw and yamikin ushijima-kun.? The first and the last I have seen now. Hope to see MW soon.

Also I’ve added another movie to the list: Yubiwa wo hametai, but I doubt I can see it anytime soon, since it should be still running in the cinemas. So I have to wait till the dvd comes out which might take some time 😦



(Densha otoko. source: google-search)