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I think I have to market the show a bit more, because OMG, EPIC!

Since I didn’t actually talk much about the storyline in my previous post then here we go:

Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro is a story about a boy called Yoshihiko who has to go on a journey to find magical herbs that will cure his village. The journey also includes finding his father who previously went to find the herbs. On his journey he finds himself 3 companions, a warrior who wants to kill Yoshihiko just because, a woman who wants to have revenge on Yoshihiko  because he murdered his father.. not.. and a wizard.

The story is a parody to the dragon quest series (game). It also includes aspects about japanese folktales, tabo-themes etc. you name it, it has it.

In the beginning of the show they warn you “Low-budget fantasy adventure”. and like someone in the net said, once (s)he saw that line (s)he knew it’s going to be epic fun. Time to leave your brain behind the door and have fun.