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Woke up today and had immediately the urge to write something in here. Weird beginning for the day.

Maybe it’s because of the tiny lump that was watching me sleep behind the window? I have a bird house for the wild forest birds, because they can’t find enough food right now. Lot’s of snow and cold is a bitch I tell ya. And I’m kinda getting an expert already on the bird house. When to put more food, what food will lure them in so they will understand there is food for them. And what food will be the hot stuff during a really cold day. The day the cold wave hit I came home in the dark and realized both fat-balls are missing. In the morning there was huge amount left and by the evening one net was broken and the ball was gone and the other one had disappeared with the net. There had to be a huge war going on on that day for the fat-balls. I suspect couple of bigger birds like crows. God curse me if I would help these birds more. So I’m not putting any fat-balls up until it gets warmer, no sir… Let’s try to keep the bird house area a neutral area, shall we?

Anyway my bird house has been a hit. Sadly I don’t know exactly who goes there to eat because every time I get home it’s dark already and they are sleeping somewhere. My job is only to fill the house every single evening that will be emptied the next day.

BUT, got to love Saturdays and Sundays when I’m home most of the time. Like today. When I woke up I realized a small lump  was staring at me behind my window, sitting on the floor of balcony and resting its feet. Just.. staring. I mean that fellow could have turned itself in every direction and it chose to stare how I sleep… I bet it was interesting, now it’s telling it’s fellows how I sleep and tomorrow I should expect a horde of birds watching me sleep…


HI! How have you been? I’ve been busy busy dizzy. Job, uni started, family, car, self-training .. ah lot’s to do lot’s to do. Where to begin? Hmm.. How about I just write and we’ll see where it leads us to.


Currently the hot topic is my car. I love my car, but it’s time to sell it. It’s getting too old and it’s having old car issues time to time. To jump a bit on a different theme, but do you know what the car mechanic told me? He told me to drive like a maniac time to time. So basically I have been given the permission to drive like true “rullnokk" (a word we use for young people with BMW’s who only know hot to push the gas petal). So actually every rullnokk has a true reason to drive like they do. They are trying to save the car’s engine 😀 And you know what’s the curious thing about it? It’s actually not only with bmw’s, but with every car there is. No matter the mark you have, time to time it’s really healthy for the car to drive like maniac 😀 God I love this world!!  Next time you see me, I’m having gym pants on, cap and really big t-shirt with a HUGE necklace. Ahh the things I do to save my car…


Work. Lots to do, lots to understand.

Uni. Lots to do.

Life. busy.

and I’m getting distracted by the birds now. Bye, I’m going to see how they eat. It’s really fun to watch them.