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I can’t get the song out of my head. Freaking Iris and Bigbang… About Iris, that’s a rather interesting drama. Although the main point in about south and north’s relationships I was wondering will there ever be a korean drama where they don’t make a love relationship so freaking melodramatic? Every single korean drama I have seen has a freaking melodramatic love-story in it. oh what a pain I have to tolerate to keep my korean language alive…

할렐루야 I’m fallin‘ I’m fallin’ fallin‘
무너져버린 빌딩에 hey
할렐루야 (yes) I’m fallin‘ (yes) I’m fallin’ fallin‘

I’m feeling to get closer and closer to the language again. Hallelujah. Once I finish my exams I try to open my study books again and see how much I actually remember about this language.

PS! I’m able to see stuff from livejournal again. Now that I think about it asking to reset my password would have been the best solution, but I just gave up. I guess I was tired in fighting with everyone including myself (am doing exams right now at Pärnu). Thanks for reminding me how easy solving that problem is 😛