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Been watching Secret Garden from SBS. Awesome k-drama. Usually they are all made out of one wood, all the time the same story, all the time the lame romantic stuff. But this one is out of the box and boy am I glad I found it or what.

Although it’s also a romantic themed drama it just has so many different things in it that just makes you go whoha. And I really did "Whoha" thinking is this for real? Is this really korean drama? Basically it they call it a soft melodrama and romantic comedy with fantasy in it 😀 Haven’t seen the melodrama yet, it’s all about romantic comedy and fantasy and I’m loving it.

There is a poor stuntwoman, there is a phobic rich man. There is a seriously freaking loud superstar and his first love turned bitch with fail-charm-tactics, there is this quiet lovable boss with perfect english and freaky eyes, there is a messed up family and no family at all, and so on. And everything is made through a humour prism.

I forgot how great asian dramas can be. Oh this humour, oh this prettiness and coolness. Not to mention the awesomely made romantic scenes where female watchers heart will start beating faster or won’t beat at all.

And I freaking love the male leads character. It’s just exactly how I would like to be 😀 Logic, logic LOGIC!

And am falling for korean language again. dammit why didn’t I continue my self-study right after I finished uni? :/